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I watched a good movie a few weeks ago with a friend that was called &8220;The Book of Kells.&8221; Since then, I have had some kind of weird urge to do CelticIrish inspired symbol work. I came up with these after just fiddling around in AI for a while. I honestly don&8217;t know what use they may serve, but I figure someone somewhere might be able to use them. When you download the .zip you will find 2 files. They are both totally vector. I&8217;ve included both an outlined Adobe Illustrator CS5 file may cause problems with earlier versions and a fully-vector PDF File can open in PS or pre-CS5 versions of AI. They were created in CMYK mode. 3 Vector Celtic Twisty Things Free Vectors Symbols Vector Celtic Twisty vector graphic can be downloaded for free